Friday, July 22, 2011

Ry Day Friday - The Cabin

Our family is preparing for our trip "up North" to my brother-in-law's cabin in Northern MN. We made this trip as an entire family with them for the first time last year and fortunately they weren't completely scared off and so we are making a run for the lake again next week. Last year wasn't the first year that I've been to the cabin though because for a number of years Maryah, Morgan and I would travel there with my sister and her family when it was just the three of us.

The first year James (my BIL) invited us he went all out (well, he really goes all out all the time he really is a most gracious host). He planned our drive up and a couple of stops along the way. We stopped at the "new" Paul Bunyon Land (for any of you that are from MN you understand that the original PBL was in Brainerd and is now in a new location, This stop was special because he had called ahead and there was this great sign that was welcomed Maryah and Paul Bunyon "spoke" to her and she was all excited and laughing and smiling the entire time. The kids had a blast and I was beside myself with joy.
We made it to the lake and the kids were immediately in the water either swimming or fishing or ready to go tubing behind the boat at all times.

We made a trip to Moon Dance Park which is unfortunately no longer there but the kids got to feed the deer, ride the go-carts, ride ponies, see other small farm animals, play at the playground, etc. This again brought many smiles. There were bonfires, smores, boat rides and sunset pontoon rides and never a moment that we weren't in complete glory. It was truly a gift to the three of us when we were going through some very hard times. My sister and her husband never failed to jump at an opportunity to help me and to help my girls feel a greater sense of family and helping us smile a ton even if just a weekend at a time. They took many opportunities to spend time and really try to bring happiness. James invited us yet again as a family to join them for a vacation after losing Maryah. He knew somehow that this would be a piece to helping our family heal and he was right. The kids had SO much fun and everything they did I could see Maryah in each of them and hear her laughter resonate through theirs. So we will venture up to the cabin again and spend time remembering these cherished memories and making some new ones as well. It's amazing how healing it is for me and I think for the kids too.

No matter the cost, no matter the time or energy my brother-in-law and my sister have always been there and have always jumped at the chance to be part of my life, to be part of my kids lives and to a strong and present force in our lives even when I wasn't strong enough to ask. There will never be a time in my life or my kids lives that they do not remember their fun memories of spending time with Uncle Nums and Auntie Jo Jo.

So this post has ended up being a little more about Jo and James than about Maryah but in the grand scheme of things it is really because of them that after my divorce and through Maryah's illness they were my rock and no matter the distance, no matter the cost (personal or financial) they kept me afloat when I needed it the most. I love them with all of my heart and soul and I could never thank them enough.

WARNING: Excessive Amounts of Pictures Attached!!!

Enjoy some pictures of times we've spent at the the cabin:

Paul Bunyon Land

Uncle James, Shayna, Auntie Jo, Ry, Mo, Dorian

Dorian, Maryah, Mo, Shayna, Mom
Maryah and Dorian

Mo and Ry

Ry and Uncle James on the go-carts

Golf cartin'!

Fixin' lunch for the beach
Arielle, Dorian, Mo, Shayna, Ry

Mom, Ry and Mo

Shayna, Ry, Mo, Dorian, Arielle
Sunset Pontonn Ride (Ry and Dorian)

One of my all time favs!

Ry and Auntie Jo

Enjoying the wind in our hair (ha!)

Fun boat ride!

Uncle James, Ry and Auntie Jo enjoying a summer day!
Sissy and James

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  1. Thank you my dear...for all the nice words and pictures to go down memory lane! Every single moment spent with all of you is also treasured in our household as well!! For's like recreating our own childhood, with our wonderful memories of Nisswa. I couldn't ask for more when it comes to you and your family...we click, just get each other, and it makes my heart so happy that we have shared and will continue to share all these beautiful moments together! Isn't that what makes us who we are? Don't forget that through all these years, you have also held us together too!!


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