Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Thoughts From the Deep Blue Yonder

I have been so busy that I haven't been able to find a minute to write anything other than documents at work and math and science problems with my fifth and third graders. It's amazing how I feel this twinge to just write after so long and write anything...
So I've decided that today is the day for my random thoughts that have been swirling through my head over the past months.

1. I love coffee on Saturday mornings with my husband.
2. I love watching my kids dance.
3. I am tired alot and losing my hair so I think I better check my thyroid.
4. I think I better try eating better and excercising so maybe I won't lose my hair and feel sleepy all the time.
5. I am rather bitter about seeing so much pink when I really wish their was much more gold. Children get cancer and die too.
6. I am suddenly nervous to talk in front of large groups.
7. I'm kind of a loner and I like it.
8. I wish I was a better friend and that it could be as easy for me as it seems for others.
9. I don't NEED money but it sure makes life easier so I play the lottery.
10. I pray A LOT! I should be more thankful rather than always asking.
11. I hate texting.
12. I hate talking on the phone until I actually am talking on the phone with someone and then I don't mind so much.
13. I love my sister and brother like crazy.
14. I wonder what Maryah's wedding would have been like?
15. I wonder what life would be like today if she never died?
16. Every year I think I will be more organized and do something better next year but that never seems to happen.
17. Sometimes I think I let my brain get lazy and my body keeps following.
18. Boys are gross.
19. Boys are gross. (It deserves two lines)
20. My husband is seriously talented in SO many areas. I'm a little jealous.
21. I know how to change brake pads, a thermal couple on a water heater and how to light a pilot light amongst other household duties because of my Dad. I am grateful he has taught me useful things.
22. I really dislike most all sports, particularly watching them on TV.
23. They really don't consider dancing a sport for college purposes?
24. My kids think I am a maid and most days I feel totally under appreciated.
25. I love my kids madly even when they don't appreciate how easy life is for them.
26. I wonder if I will live to be old? If I do I hope I don't know what's going on.
27. Soon, all of my grandparents will be gone. Dementia is a horrible disease.
28. Cancer is worse.
29. I love all things fall.
30. I wish that some friendships wouldn't have to turn awkward.
31. I really dislike meetings.
32. I would love to get married to Dan all over again.
33. I wish there was time for Dan and I to go on dates once a week so we never forget why we started dating to begin with.
34. Getting old is hell
35. I can hardly believe 36 is only a couple of weeks away, officially closer to forty now. LOL. Love it.
36. I'm not as close to 40 as some. LMAO. Love it more!
37. I am grateful for all of my nieces and nephews and our close relationships.
38. I wish I was either short enough for petite pants or tall enough for average pants because I'm right in between and it sucks.
39. I wish I could kill at playing piano. Why did I ever stop taking lessons?
40. Life is too short and somedays it all feels much too long.

This is really all of the craziness I have to offer for now but I am sure I will post a "real" post soon.

1 comment:

  1. dude...this so is a real post! This is what I love to read about you. You kick butt, and I'm madly proud of that! Thanks for shootin' out some words...made my day!
    Love you sissy


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